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The department has a number of well equipped laboratories and provides excellent facilities for learning. All computer labs and server are supported by robust and relies UPS system with backup. In addition the labs are supported by a generator and centralized AC is provided for all laboratories. Availability of computer systems to all the students at 1:1 ratio. Centralized A/C for all the labs and all the systems are connected to LAN and has the facility to browse Internet. 

All labs are powered through UPS system 8 KVA – UPS systems – 2 no’s 10KVA – UPS systems – 3no’s and 125 KVA Generator facility for uninterrupted power supply. Videoconference kit for Guest lecturers and Digital library facility is provided through APSONET. E-Classroom equipped with L.C.D. projector and facility of watching MANATV. Central computing labs with high configuration systems with web cam’s and 24 hours Internet access. Labs like A DBMS Lab, C/C++, OOP Lab, Visual Programming Labs and IT Workshop Lab are equipped with sophisticated facilities and latest software.


Platforms – Windows 2000, serve pack 1&2, Fedora Advance version, UNIX, Linux, Novell Netware with Proxy Server.

RDBMS – Oracle 9i, MS SQL Server, MS Access, DB2, MYSQL

Languages – C, C++, Java, ASP, COBOL, LISP, Fortran, Pascal, Perl, MASM

Other-iPlanet Web server, IBM Suite, Lotus Notes Domino (Windows Environment), IBM Suite, MSDN Professional Edition, Rational Rose Enterprise Suite, 3ds Max Studio, Scada, Embedded System Development Software (KEIL). MSDN Academic kit.

The Departments has the following laboratories


  • Programming for Problem Solving Lab
  • Data Structures Lab
  • C++ Programming Lab
  • IT workshop Lab
  • Database Management Systems Lab
  • Java Programming Lab
  • Operating Systems Lab
  • Software Engineering Lab
  • Computer Networks & Web Technologies Lab
  • Concurrent Programming Lab
  • Network Programming Lab
  • Scripting Languages Lab
  • Mobile Application Development Lab
  • Software Testing Methodologies
  • Machine Learning Lab
  • Compiler Design Lab
  • Data Mining Lab
  • Python Programming Lab
  • Mobile Application Development Lab
  • Web Scripting Languages Lab
  • Internet of Things Lab
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