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The primary objective of the B. Tech. program is to inculcate basic & practical knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Environment Studies and English Language to build the foundation of engineering education for the students. 

The Humanity & Science department has 4 well equipped laboratories with state of art equipment, Glassware & Chemicals and software. The department is having fully equipped laboratories

  • Physics Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • English Language Communication Skills,(ELCS -B.Tech I Year) &
  • Advanced English Communication Skills, (AECS B.Tech III Year)

Physics Lab

Physics lab equipments are like Spectrometer, Travelling Microscope, Function generators, LCR, RC, LED, PN-Junction, Laser, Fiber Optic, Energy gap, Solar cell kits, Photoelectric effect, Hall effect Stewart Gee’s, Meldee’s, Newton rings, Grating, prism experiment setups.

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