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JALASIRI, the water testing lab of PEC will be performing holistic water testing for the schools and colleges free of cost as the drinking water should be pure and safe. The lab will also collaborate with various pharma companies for ensuring the quality of water used in manufacturing.

Dr. M. B. Raju, Principal speaking on the occasion thanked M. Komaraiah Garu, Chairman for his unstinted support for implementing JALASIRI. He said that we are offering various water analysis treatment of various types in PEC.

PEC water testing lab JALASIRI offers quick and accurate water testing services at nominal cost. The parameters of the test include PH, hardness, chlorides, sulphates, nitrates, fluorides, dissolved oxygen, iron, turbidity, absorbance, pesticide residue, detergent residue, dissolved ammonia, total dissolved solids. Dr. M. B. Raju, Principal emphasized on the importance water conservation and importance of testing on regular intervals to avoid various diseases. He also briefed about the parameters tested and the objectives of JALASIRI to provide pure and safe water to the society. The types of water which will be tested at PEC  JALASISI are: effluent water, portable/drinking water, boiled feed water, food processed water, irrigation water, sewage water and swimming pool water.

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