• Dr M.B Raju, Principal, Pallavi Engineering College received Best Principal Award from IKON EXCELLENCE at JNTUH.             • Received Certificate of Appreciation for International Level Student Workshop 2024 from Brain O Vision


IQAC Benefits

The benefits of having an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in higher education institutions are:

  • Improved academic and administrative processes leading to enhanced overall performance of the institution.
  • Increased focus on quality culture and the internalization of best practices.
  • Improved transparency and accountability in institutional functioning.
  • Opportunities for sharing of best practices and experiences among institutions.
  • Development of a sense of ownership and involvement in the quality assurance process by all stakeholders.
  • Facilitation of continuous improvement and sustainability of the institution’s quality system.
  • Better decision-making and planning based on sound data and analysis.
  • Enhanced reputation and credibility of the institution.
  • Increased student satisfaction and learning outcomes.
  • Improved stakeholder confidence in the institution.