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• Dr M.B Raju, Principal, Pallavi Engineering College received Best Principal Award from IKON EXCELLENCE at JNTUH.             • Received Certificate of Appreciation for International Level Student Workshop 2024 from Brain O Vision


Top Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) Colleges in Hyderabad


Introduction to selected fundamental concepts and principles in electronics engineering. Emphasis on measurement, modeling, and analysis of circuits and electronics while introducing numerous applications. Includes sub-discipline topics of Electronics and computer engineering, for example, electromagnetics, control, signal processing, microelectronics, communications, and scientific computing basics. Lab work incorporates sensors and motors into an autonomous moving vehicle, designed and constructed to perform tasks jointly determined by the instructors and students. Class Schedule Information: Students must register for one lab and one lecture section. The ECE Department was established in the year 2009 with an annual intake of 60 students.

The world is becoming more connected than ever before. From communicating with family members across continents to conducting business across borders, electronics and communication engineering (ECE) have become integral to our daily lives.


To be known as a pioneer in the field of electronics and communication engineering, providing high-quality education and concentrating research efforts on emerging technologies for the good of society.


M1:  Impart quality education with strong fundamentals in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

M2:  Enable students with skills to solve complex technological problems by collaborative and multi disciplinary research approach.

M3:  Inculcate teamwork, lifelong learning and ethical properties to meet the expectations of industry as well as society.


  • The educational objectives of the Programs of the ECE Department are to graduate individuals:
  • To provide high quality education so as to transform the students into competent and excellent engineers in the field of ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING.
  • Quality and growth is the motto of the department.
  • Discipline is the Keyword.


Electronics and Communication Engineering graduates find opportunities in terrestrial and extra-terrestrial communication systems like telephones, cellular phones, television, optical fibre communication, consumer and entertainment devices, and space programs research. The field of Electronics and Communication is one of the imperative branches in engineering. This department, part of one of the Top Engineering College in Hyderabad, has a set of dedicated, talented, well-qualified, and experienced teaching faculty. The department also has qualified and dedicated supporting staff for our laboratories. This course covers a wide range of topics centred around radio-based communications and radar systems. It has a long tradition of excellence in electromagnetism and its applications and continues to exploit this with a combination of fundamental and applied research. The topics covered range from antennas, through microwave circuits, radio-wave propagation, optics, networking and radar, to communications signal processing.


With an ardent intention to provide exposure to our students and faculties, We have organized seminars, paper presentations and technical quiz’s etc. So that, they can perceive the methodologies followed by others and learn the latest technologies available.