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The objectives of this course (AP Laboratory) for the student to

  • Capable of handling instruments related to the Hall effect and photoelectric effect Experiments and their measurements.
  • Understand the characteristics of various devices such as PN junction diode, Zener diode, BJT, LED, solar cell, lasers and optical fiber and measurement of energy gap and resistivity of semiconductor materials.
  • Able to measure the characteristics of dielectric constant of a given material.
  • Study the behavior of B-H curve of ferromagnetic materials.
  • Understanding the method of least squares fitting.

And the students will be able to:

  • Know the determination of the Planck’s constant using Photo electric effect and identify the material whether it is n-type or p-type by Hall experiment.
  • Appreciate quantum physics in semiconductor devices and optoelectronics.
  • Gain the knowledge of applications of dielectric constant.
  • Understand the variation of magnetic field and behavior of hysteresis curve.
  • Carried out data analysis.

Chemistry Laboratories:

The Department of Humanities & Sciences has a well-equipped laboratories with prescribed standard equipment like Qualitative analysis, instrumentation equipment, Distillation set up and latest equipment’s like shaker bath and also Magnetic stirrers, 12 holes and 6 holes water baths. The laboratory follows all safety measurements strictly instructing students constantly under cautious supervision while handling chemicals and apparatus. These labs are used for both B. tech and for research on water quality which is useful for jalasiri purpose to test the quality of the water. Also, these modern labs are our great asset which are established all needs of chemical analysis.

Chemistry lab having full equipped and chemicals and reagents are available in these labs. And also, we maintained Primary Healthcare center one of the parts .and also, the department of chemistry also maintains Science club and Eco club as one of the parts of chemistry department.


AECS and ELCS (English Language Communication Skills, B. Tech I Year) & (Advanced English Communication Skills, B. Tech III Year)

English Lab improves students’ communication skills for employability. It expands from basic to high level of English proficiency for I and III year students. It allows students to accelerate the process of improving their learning skills, with a focus on LSRW (Learning, Speaking, and Reading & Writing).

Language Skills, Soft Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Decision Making, Business Communication, Pre-Placement Training, Corporate Readiness, GRE, and other skills, Corporate mannerisms, Ethics and values, Building confidence and problem solving skills are Learnt.

The ELCS and ACS lab activities provide a congenial environment in bringing out the best of student’s creativity, innovative oneself with confidence. The lab activities give real time experience participating in various language activities where in the student explores and use his or her thought process creating new innovative language workouts on exercises are developed.

The primary goal of ELCS / AECS labs is to improve communication skills in both formal and informal settings. It is also to provide students with training in both theoretical and practical aspects of the syllabus and beyond syllabus like personality development, corporate communication and soft skill development.

English communication lab has an Advanced Remote Monitoring in the lab, which allows the teacher to monitor all of the students via a master console.

Projector for PPT Presentation and a Mirror for professional presentations is also available.

Round tables for Group Discussions , Public Addressing System are also available.

The lab has 60 Advanced Pentium Systems, as well as high-quality audio and video capabilities.

Software Packages available: K-Van Solutions